Lucille 'Lucky' Bourdon
fc: celina sinden
Name: Lucille Bourdon
Nationality: Breton
Occupation: Lady-In-Waiting


Title(s): N/A
To be Addressed as: Lady
Family: N/A
Ladies: N/A
Advisor(s): N/A

"Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.Edit


Born to an unknown mother and father, Lucille was left on the front steps of a nunnery. The women there took her in and raised her according to their traditions, despite difficulties due to her high temperament unsuited for days spent reflecting upon the Bible and silent prayer.

When she was seventeen, she was sent to the court as Lucille Bourdon, ward of the Church to try and find a good match for herself -- to introduce herself into good society. She did not put much effort into looking for a husband, preferring to remain unattached as she discovered an entirely new life.

It was at the court of Brittany that she met her Grace Sarah of Brittany, and was taken in as her Lady-in-Waiting, for her talent of finding herself in places she shouldn't without being noticed. She's utterly loyal to the Lady for her generosity and will go to many lengths to defend her.


Lucille alternates between a rather mischievous and care-free personality, and a more cunning one, depending on what is required. She's adept at obtaining information and gossip - she's the first to know if something interesting happened at court.

If you manage to gain her loyalty, you've gotten yourself a rather staunch ally. If you betray her, however, her forgiveness does not come cheap ( or at all ).